These machines expel a lot of force and power for activities such as lifting, breaking or moving large quantities of soil and rocks, among other equally strenuous tasks. Massive stresses from the daily grind therefore take a toll on the physical condition of these machines. Corrosion, abrasion and physical impacts can wear them down to degrade their performance.

Since the occurrence of wear and tear is inevitable, heavy machinery painting is needed to extend the machines’ useful life and prolong their value to the business.

Cost Avoidance

Heavy machinery often means heavy investments RemodelaciĆ³n Casas y Departamentos Santiago, from the purchase cost, insurance, property taxes, and storage costs. The costs can further increase while the machine is operational. Fuel costs, tires, parts replacements, and any repair and maintenance work like heavy machinery painting, can add up to the machinery costs.

From a financial standpoint, heavy machinery painting to protect and repair the machinery is by far more reasonable than outright replacement. The costs of heavy machinery painting drop further when damages are detected earlier and in a timely manner, before they have become severe.

Through heavy machinery painting and coating, the machinery’s useful life is lengthened at lesser costs.

The Painting Processes

The processes involved in heavy machinery painting application do not differ much from regular industrial painting applications. The key difference is that the tasks are larger in scope.

To prepare the machinery, it is often cleaned using a high-pressure washer. Because dirt and grease may have accumulated in the surface, de-greasing is also done. To remove old paints and surface imperfections, the entire surface is blasted thoroughly and blown dry.

The painting application process usually employs thicker multi-coats of superior paint. The initial primer coat goes first, and a second coating is layered on top of the primer. A third and final coat is necessary to seal the coating system for added durability. A touch up may have to be used if any areas of the surface require it.

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