April 1, 2023

Guests love to party on with kooky hats to wear. Almost every party will have at least one person who shows up wearing an unusual hat. Party Hosts can jump on this idea by giving out cool hats as party favors at their events. There are lots of hats to choose from

o Derby Hats

o Top Hats

o Skimmer Hats

o Daddy Hats

o Funky Fur Hats

o Pirate Scarves

o Jester Hats

o Newsboy Hats

o Boa Hats

o Rasta Hats

o Crown Hats

o Stovepipe Hats

There are many more different kinds of usa hat. If the guests can put it on their heads then it becomes a hat. You’ll find that there are all kinds, even a rubber chicken hat, available to purchase for your next party.

Derby, Top Hat, and Daddy hats are probably the most common of the party hats. The derby and the top hat often made of plastic and come in many ranges of color and style. You’ll find smiley face derbies, and silver sequin covered top hats. Daddy hats are leftovers from the jazz era and made for Sugar Daddies. They come in velvet and are often trimmed with faux fur. They come with the standard wide brim in many colors from blue to rainbow stripped.

Newsboy caps come in next with their shiny vinyl or satin cap and short bill. You’ll love to hand this out for a girl’s party in satin pastel colors or for a rock and roll party in black or red vinyl.

The other hats are also very popular, especially funny hats such as the Jester Hat or the Stovepipe Hat. They usually get lots of laughs from friends and family. The Jester hat is very colorful and can come with those fun little bells on the tips of it. Those who wear these hats will be heads and shoulders above the crowds.

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