May 28, 2023

We simplify everything to make your life cost effective. This race to cheapen everything has made us lose contact with nature. Plants are a great way to balance all aspects of your health: physical, hormonal, mental, and emotional. Plants contain essential substances for a healthy life. Our ancestors used it daily as part of a balanced lifestyle. It was more effective for prevention than cure, but the effect was better.

No drug can replace the beneficial effects of plants.

We have all become city dwellers who do not have time for complicated herbal treatments. We slowly became isolated from nature in our big urban agglomeration. We can no longer live like our ancestors. Aromatic plants are slowly disappearing from our diet. We don’t drink herbal teas anymore. Food is not prepared with a variety of spices. In the past, plants were the main source of medicine. They were used in the daily diet as teas, spices, jams, alcoholic beverages, and as medicines in various forms (decoctions, infusions, inhalations, tinctures, powders, aroma bags, etc.).

The pharmaceutical industry can create synthetic alternatives that will solve some of our problems. However, the pharmaceutical industry focuses more on treating disease rather than prevention. And sometimes the goal of drugs is to weaken the effect rather than eliminate the cause. Essential Oils India is a great alternative for reconnecting with nature.

What are essential oils and why are they important?

Essential oils are plant extracts (flowers, roots, seeds, etc.) that contain the plant’s essence, a substance with high therapeutic potential. Almost all active substances from plants are extracted. When used correctly, essential oils can greatly improve your quality of life. They are best used as a preventive health measure and can be beneficial in almost all areas: boost immunity, protect against germs, improve digestion, relieve tension, relieve stress and tension, improve concentration, relax muscles, improve sleep, balance emotions and hormones. , detoxifying our body, etc… Essential oils are very different from plant to plant and have different healing properties, and it is important to know what these properties are in order to use them correctly. Sometimes essential oils can do harm if not used properly. Some of them are very volatile and disappear within minutes in an open environment and some are more stable. Some essential oils are toxic if ingested in large amounts, so the correct dosage must be followed. The science involved in the use of essential oils is called aromatherapy and is an alternative medicine. However, aromatherapy is not recognized as a medical discipline in North America. In France, on the other hand, the prescription of essential oils is regulated, and aromatherapy is part of traditional medicine.

How are aromatherapy oils used?

You can use essential oils in a variety of ways, depending on the type of oil and your preference.

Use it in an old potpourri that has lost its scent.
On top of a small cloth while drying clothes in the dryer.
Add a few drops to the spray.
Add a few drops of water to a potpourri pot or micro diffuser.
Add a few drops to your bathtub.
Add a few drops to your humidifier.
Add a few drops to a base oil such as sweet almond oil or grapeseed oil and massage into the body.
Add a few drops to a carrier that absorbs very quickly, such as jojoba oil, and massage your head and face. This is very healthy for your skin.
Add a few drops of essential oil to the heat filter. Fir or cinnamon bark or eucalyptus would be good choices for flu prevention.
Add 3-5 drops to your facial steamer or bowl of warm water and cover your head and bowl with a large towel. This is great for skin care treatment or inhalation.
Apply 3 drops to damp clay as a facial mask.
Use a few drops in a warm water compress and apply to sore muscles.

Care should be taken when using essential oils. The concentration should be between 1% and 5% depending on the oil. Some oils are very irritating and should not be applied directly to the skin or in higher concentrations than recommended. Avoid ingesting essential oils. Some are toxic. Some aromatic oils increase your sensitivity to the sun, so don’t use them before going out or going to a tanning booth. If you are allergic, do a patch test. Do not inhale the oil directly (from the bottle). Pregnant women should use caution or seek medical advice when using essential oils. Newborns and infants should not use essential oils in any form.

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