April 1, 2023

History of mankind is filled with full of adventures. For a human, it was fun to climb the steep, slippery mountains. He used to stroll in dark forests, full of wild creatures. Journey of deep oceans was his hobby. The brave Edmund Hilary from New Zealand and his courageous Himalayan guide, Tenzing Norgay covered the summit of the Best Time To Visit Annapurna Base Camp. Now, everyone wants to reach the top of the Everest. The Base Camp at Mt Everest is like a heaven for the mountaineers and people who want to live in heights.

The Base Camp at Mt Everest is a mesmerizing and thrilling place for the bored people. It is only a spot, where you can climb up to a challenging height of 18,000 ft. It is a place having the amazing and wonderful beauty of nature. Visitors of this place always adore and relish this environment. It is an incredible experience to live like this place.

There are two base camps on the opposite sides of the Mt Everest. The one is on the south in Nepal, and the other is in the north in Tibet. These camps are some kind of resting places. From these places, the mountaineers and climbers start their further journey towards the summit. The Sherpa carry the basic supplies with the help of animals into this place. The north base camp is accessible by road in the summer months. Generally, this formidable place forces man to use to primordial skills of the muscles and the stamina and of course his animal friends. The base camps have tents, food, blankets light and medical assistance.

At base camp, altitude sickness may be caused by low levels of oxygen supply. However, climbers adopt this condition. This may be a short break to take few breaths for further movement to reach the summit. For thirty days or so, they climb short distances of 1000 feet and come back to the base to rest and recoup. The major and most important rule in high altitude mountaineering is that ascend but descend to rest. The climb up further reduces the oxygen level in the atmosphere. This affects the strength and stamina of the climber. However, when he descends and takes the rest at lower altitudes. The enhanced oxygen level helps the body to regain strength. In other words, the Base Camp at Mt Everest is the only place for preparation of the adventure.


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